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Why Us?


​  Expert Teams to get you Hired

       Career Advancement Strategist

       Professional Resume Writers

       Hiring Experts



RCF Info Session to ensure personalized impactful content


Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) optimization to pass employer recruitment software screening


No long questionnaires. 

You talk. We do the writing.  

Don't know what to include? We ask the right questions.


Our clients get results.

2 - 3x more responses

and more job opportunities

Your service comes with a personal pledge and a guarantee of results. 

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Our Guarantee

Resume Consulting Firm (RCF) is committed to your success. If your RCF resume does not receive 2 – 3x more employer responses than your job-seeking efforts before our services, we will analyze the types of jobs you are applying for, along with your ideal position, and revise your resume and application strategy. We will re-write your resume in line with the new strategy and include our Job-Tailoring add-on service (a $79 value) at no additional cost.  Find out more about our guarantee here

Why Us Guarantee
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