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RISE with a group - Platinum Plan

In 8 weeks, you'll learn RCF's step-by-step methods guaranteed to upgrade your career and help you land a job making $30,000 - $40,000 more than your current salary. You'll learn to make yourself more valuable, get access to higher paying jobs,  apply less but get more results, and more.


Platinum Savings Plan 

One-time Fee of $549 (Registration Fee included)

Includes Digital Download of 5 Musts to a $40,000 Increase Guidebook

RISE with a group - Platinum Plan

    Why Choose RCF?


    We don't believe in the "we've always done it this way" models. We use innovative solutions, market data, and industry knowledge to give our clients top results. We've developed proprietary methods so that you get hired 4x faster and paid 3x as much as doing it alone or hiring a standard career coach or resume company. 


    We take our practice very seriously and constantly track client results and keep up with the latest strategies to keep our clients on top. If you use our services and don't get hired faster or paid more, we take it personally. That's why all of our services are guaranteed. We'll never take your money and run. 


    We know how hard it is to elevate your career in today's digital age. We're here to provide the ladder and help you climb it by identifying and demonstrating your potential, maximizing your value, and equipping you with the tools to succeed. When you're with us, we're with you--every step of the way. 

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